Message from our chairman

Some people say that Arts and Science are as inseparable as two sides of a coin, and they point to Leonardo da Vinci as the archetypical artist-scientist. Others believe that nowadays there is just too much to know, making the “ideal” embodied by Leonardo unachievable. Is this true? Is there no place in the 21st century for the artist-scientist?

Dr Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roche

We invite you to join us for the next “Roche Continents” event in Salzburg, Austria, to seek answers to such questions; to explore the common ground of creativity in Arts and Science.

This project extends Roche’s long tradition of supporting arts and music to include science – in line with one of our company principles: “Innovation is key to our success”. I look forward to welcoming you in Mozart’s beautiful home town!

Dr Christoph Franz
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roche