Application for Roche Continents


Since 2007, top-talented science and arts students are nominated by professors of European institutions and are invited to apply to Roche Continents. Creativity and innovation are at the core of the programme, therefore we value inclusion and diversity, such as different thinking styles, experiences, gender, ethnicity and nationality. Additionally Roche is committed to accommodating participants with disabilities or special needs.

Upon review of applications, 100 students are selected.

Applicants are notified of the outcome of the review process in early June.

"Roche Continents gave me the opportunity to get in touch with such interesting people, create a large network, and try new experiences that helped me to think outside of the box and at the same time, do things that were out of my comfort zone."
Luis Enrique Aguilar Suarez Roche Continents Alumnus

Eligibility criteria

  • Undergraduate student, doctoral candidate or post-doctoral student from a science or art discipline at an European institution
  • Student is 20-29 years old before the start of the programme
  • Student is nominated by a professor who received an invitation and password from the Roche Continents programme


The application for Roche Continents 2018 has closed.

Thank you for your interest. Information about next year’s programme will be posted in Spring 2019.