Since 2007, Roche has invited top-talented students (between 20 and 29 years old) to experience a unique journey exploring sources of inspiration at the intersection of science and art, as well as the creative processes that drive innovation. Every year, 100 science and arts students from European institutions are brought together for Roche Continents to challenge the boundaries of their thinking around science, art and innovation.

Roche has a long tradition of supporting contemporary arts programming that explore the parallels between innovation in art and in science. The Roche Continents programme takes place in Salzburg, Austria in collaboration with the Salzburg Festival.


100 students

from around the world

Examine the common ground of creativity


Intellectual exchanges and disciplinary cross-pollination between the participants are central to and the goal of this annual event. Chosen by nomination, 100 students from a wide range of scientific fields of study and various arts disciplines are given ample opportunity to interact formally and informally.

Throughout the programme, students have the opportunity to engage with renowned scientists and artists, be exposed to provocative scientific research, listen to thought-provoking contemporary music concerts at the Salzburg Festival, interact with students from a variety of European institutions, and participate in workshops that will expose the parallels between the sciences and arts. For many, this is their first contact with the unusual auditory and visual experience of contemporary arts.

5 days

to discover borderless thinking and to build confidence in the power of creativity and its ability to change the world

  • Roche Continents alumna joining an inspiring session
    "The diversity was a highlight of the program. Meeting so many nationalities was very inspiring." Guillaume Ernouf, Roche Continents alumnus
  • students listening to a lecture
    "Being exposed to people from so many different disciplines, as well as so many diverse cultures, made me discuss many things I have never thought about before. This is where the true path to creativity comes about – through experience, challenging discussions and pushing 'the edge'." Si Chen, Roche Continents alumna
  • students workshop
    "It was motivational and energising. I now feel comfortable and confident as someone who is ‘stuck’ between the arts and science – that is a special place to be and I need to make the most of it." Lewis Fenton, Roche Continents alumnus
  • students come together
    "It was intense and I enjoyed every minute of it. This experience gave me the opportunity to discover hidden aspects of myself, take risks and get involved." Claudio Grippi, Roche Continents alumnus
  • students interacting with sticks
    "I enjoyed interaction with people completely different from me because I learned a lot from all of them." Francesca Anna Carrieri, Roche Continents alumna
  • students participating in Roche Continents
    "It was one of my best experiences. We met 100 participants from 29 countries. Learning about different people and their work motivated me to do something different, but special." Anupam Jana, Roche Continents alumnus

Our and your commitment

Roche covers all expenses related to accommodation, meals and transportation within Europe. Roche does not pay for personal activities and expenses.

Students chosen for Roche Continents commit to be open to thought provocation and exceptional challenges, to fully participate and to actively contribute for the entire programme; partial participation in the programme is not possible.

Alumni Network


Besides gaining interdisciplinary inspiration and unique networking opportunities in Salzburg, attendees of Roche Continents will join the Roche Continents alumni network of more than 1,000 former participants. Additionally, alumni get access to special-priced tickets for the Salzburg Festival.

"I had so many inspiring conversations from which I learned about the participants but also about myself."
Hazar Saba Roche Continents alumna